Industry Professionals

Our concept is simple.

We provide options to customers after an accident that were never available before. Better options. Customers can now replace their damaged vehicle after an accident instead of repairing it, with no out-of-pocket cost.

Similar to when a vehicle is totaled, we remove the liability of extra costs and unhappy customers by:

  • Settling claims faster and improving the customer service experience
  • Improving retention and referrals
  • Here are the industries that can benefit from Carblue Accident Vehicle Replacement

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Insurance Professionals
  • We improve margins and customer service
  • Quicker claim settlement
  • No costly DV claims or added supplement costs
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Collision Repair Facilities
  • Improved customer service, a unique benefit not offered at other shops
  • Better relationships with carriers on DRP
  • Remove vehicles that will delay cycle times, improving CSI scores
  • Direct compensation towards the bottom line
Auto Dealerships
  • We give your loyal customer an option to replace their late model vehicle after an accident
  • This guides the customer back to your dealership to buy a replacement vehicle
  • We offer peace of mind and a better option after an accident
  • We eliminate the loss of value from an accident and give the customer a clean slate
  • We provide an efficient stream of revenue
Leasing Companies
  • Improved margins and stronger residuals
  • Remove diminished value from vehicles that been involved in an accident