Have you been in an accident and your vehicle isn't totaled? We work with your insurance company to replace it anyway.

Our unique process will pay you full price for your damaged vehicle before it is repaired.
No safety concerns or bad Carfax reports to worry about. We give you full
Book value and put you behind the wheel of a new vehicle in 3 days or less.


Why repair when you can replace? We work with all insurance companies.

Submit photos and details of your damaged vehicle, along with the Insurance Claim Repair Estimate on
our Submit Info page. Within hours we will contact you and your adjuster about replacing your vehicle instead of repairing it.

We pay full Book value on vehicles that qualify for our 40&4 Program – guaranteed.
Sound too good to be true? Give us a chance, you won't regret it.


This is how we do it- simple addition.

Carblue check for damaged vehicle
Claim Check from your insurance company
Full book value for your damaged vehicle and a new vehicle for you.


You replace it without losing a dime